Why Buy A Harley-Davidson

Why a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

There are several manufacturers of motorcycles around the world. BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Ducati are all popular motorcycle brands. So why a Harley-Davidson?

Why are Harley-Davidson motorcycles so popular around the world? It’s that unmistakable sound, the sense of freedom and exploring whats over the next hill.


The sound of a Harley-Davidson is synonymous with the bike. It’s what sets it apart from every other brand. Infact, the sound of a Harley is trademarked! However, it doesn’t sound that good on the showroom floor and this is because of EPA restrictions. A quick upgrade to a set of Vance and Hines pipes, and your Harley will be rumbling in no time.


Even if you’re still pulling 6 day weeks just trying to get ahead in life, a shor...

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Top 10 Must Have Harley-Davidson Accessories

Top 10 Must Have Harley-Davidson Accessories

Harley sell you half a bike, the other half you have to finish off yourself, or ‘customise’ it. There is a whole bible (catalogue) of accessories available, from rims to bling and windshields to footboards, the list is endless. The limit is your own imagination and like anything, you can take it to the extreme if you want. Without further ado, here are our top 10 picks of accessories:

10. Headlight Brows

These chrome “eyebrows” attach to your headlight nacelle and give your Harley a great look up the front. I have these on my Road King and love them.

9. Speedometer

You can get some really nifty speedos from Harley now. This is one of my favourites:accessories

8. Exhaust system

Until you add a set of Vance n Hines exhausts to your Harley, it will j...

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Gears. Why We Need Them.


Gears. Why We Need Them.

Understanding what gears do makes it easier to know how to ride smoothly and save the gearbox. We ask the engine to move the 300 plus kilos of Milwaukee metal from a standing start to a top speed of around 200Kmh. Without gears, this impossible for the engine.

An engine will only just keep running at 1000 RPM (revolutions per minute).

If the engine were connected directly to the rear wheel, the wheel would have a minimum speed of 1000 RPM as well. This equates to roughly 120Kmh of road speed. This would be difficult when starting off at lights!

The catch is that it takes a great deal more force, known as Torque, to move all that weight from a standing start and keep the revs low.

So we have first gear.

The faster we go, the less torque we need to keep going so we...

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What fuel is in your tank and why you should care.

Pumping Fuel

What fuel is in your tank and why you should care.

91, 95, 98 are all octane ratings of the types of fuel readily available at your local service station. Then there is E10, which is a blend of 91-octane petrol with 10% ethanol. Ethanol (alcohol) is made from sugar cane, red sorghum and the waste from starch production. Because ethanol is present, the octane rating of E10 is boosted to 95. E85 (85% Ethanol) is also on sale now but not suitable for many engines.

When a piston in an engine travels up in the cylinder on the compression stroke, the air and fuel which were drawn in on the intake stroke, are compressed...

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Chrome Plating – All About The Process

chrome platingIt Just Looks Great

Many of us love the look of chrome plating on bikes, cars and many other items.

There is little else that stands out so much, whether under bright sunlight or the illumination of streetlights on a night ride.

I, for one, have customized my bike with additional chromed parts to add “highlights” to the appearance and enhance the overall look.

The Process of Chrome Plating

So, how are things chromed and what do we do to look after that beautiful chrome surface?

The process is quite involved and begins with each part chemically stripped back to reveal bare metal. The parts are then evaluated to see if they will achieve the desired finish. Sometimes the stripping process can uncover areas of heavy pitting rust or even holes that need to be repaired if possible.

This usua...

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Why We Ride Movie Review

Why We Ride Movie ReviewWhy We Ride Cover Image

In 2013, Why We Ride, a documentary movie, was released which epitomises the motorcycle experience.

It’s available through iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and others.

There have been many movies over the years that centre around motorcycles.

Some of the more memorable ones are;

Easy Rider, TT- Closer to the Edge, Wild Hogs, Terminator, The Wild One, On Any Sunday, Stone, World’s Fastest Indian and many more.

Why We Ride was produced by James Walker and Bryan H. Carroll and  directed by Bryan H. Carroll.

About Why We Ride

It is an hour and twenty nine minutes of sheer indulgence for all types of riders.

A “cast” of several generations of riding greats are interviewed and blended with music and stunning scenery.

The opening scenes show dawn over the ocean...

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Bike Wash Secrets Revealed

the bike washThe Essentials:

After you’ve been riding in the rain, the bike wash is the most important thing you can do. Don’t let it sit for days on end. Road grime full of chemicals eats in to the spokes, the front end and the engine, so best bet is even just to hose the bike down as soon as you get home.

Washing is an important discipline to maintain the bike. After a long trip or riding in the rain, the bike must be washed first, after it has cooled down. After every ride, I blow off the brake dust with a compressor, from the calipers, discs and more importantly, the wheels. Brake dust is corrosive if left on surfaces so it must be fully removed, then I wipe the wheels clean using a damp towel.

Road and rain grime has a cumulative effect...

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Luggage Set-up For Stability

Luggage Set-up For Stability

You’re riding solo. You’ve bought a nice new chrome luggage rack and a new bag that has pockets in all the right places and will fit everything you need. Well, almost anyway. Remember, you don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe with you. You’ll no doubt buy some souvenir T-shirts along the way and you’ll be able to wash the rest. Who cares if you wear the same outfit a few days in a row?? This is a road trip!


After riding all over Australia with luggage, my suggestion to you would be to keep the brand new chrome luggage rack, as you can always tie a small item to it and it adds the the style of the bike. But I wouldn’t put my heaviest luggage on there.


Here’s the secret...

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90 Degree Valve Stems

Those of you who own a tourer with alloy wheels know how hard it is to put air in your tyres using the standard valve stem, right? Especially the rear wheel.

The standard H-D valve stems are housed in the rim in such a way that no petrol station air hose can physically connect to them, unless you bend the valve slightly with your fingers.

There’s only one problem with that: if you’ve been riding the rear brake disc will be bloody hot and you’ll likely burn your fingers.

Enter the 90 degree valve stem.

As the name suggests, these stems are 90 degrees and point away from the wheel to allow easy access. There are two types of stem:

The screw-on type.90-degree-valve-stem-extension

These are easy to use and carry around with you. Just keep one in your pocket and next time you need to top up the air in

your tyres, or just ch...

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The All-new Milwaukee Eight

Move over 103 and 110, the 107 and 114 are here in the all-new Milwaukee Eight!


With Harley’s all new line up for 2017, the old donk is gone for the Touring models.

The new engines are called the Milwaukee Eight. You get 4 valves per head, 50% more flow and for the first time: dual spark plugs for each cylinder.

The engine is completely brand new, top to bottom, with new cases, new flywheel and new charging system.

Acceleration has been improved with a two to three bike length difference from 0-60. From 60-80 there is a roll-on acceleration improvement of about two bike lengths, so alot more usable power right throughout the range.

  • 9th big twin engine.
  • 10% more torque.
  • 50% more intake and exhaust flow.
  • 50% more charging output.


There’s an all-new front and rear sus...

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